UPDATE 23rd July 2010

Argh! This week has been CRAZY busy at work. Seriously. So sorry I haven't had a chance to update here. I have craved to update but just haven't had the time.

I've had alot of "photography jobs" to do this month which is AWESOME. Extremely challenging and scary but I LOVE it. Had my friends baby's baptism, my other friends art exhibition and and .. ok I don't have a third thing but its been very busy LOL! Its not just the shoot but also post processing. Still trying to get the hang of post processing but I think I am progressing. I really want to branch out with an updated photoshop elements but there are just so many things I want to buy - I need to just wait a while lol. Money doesn't grow on trees as they say!

But I have been loving JULY. It was my birthday month and we had that week a while back where the entire week was just gorgeous in terms of the weather!! God was definitely smiling down on Auckland that week. Its was very uncharacteristic of Auckland weather in July. But hey., don't question it just soak up the sunshine yo lol! I certainly did! If you are a friend of mine on FB you will see how many photo's I have been taking this month just because of the fabulous weather!.. much more than usual!!

I had my friend's little baby Dylan's Baptism shoot. He looked so cute in his lil outfit!! see below. His cheeks are so adorable right?!!?! poor Dylan has been scratching his cheeks alot and were very red and sore so I used the healing brush in Photoshop to try and reduce the roughness a bit. I have been using colour correction alot too to make sure the colours are pretty much true to how I saw them on the day.

The most adorable cheeks EVER!!! This shot was taken near the end of the presenation to the Mass. He was such a good boy., didn't cry at all.

And in terms of the weather.. we have been having some pretty amazing sunsets as you can see!!!

Can you see the moon!!! How awesome.. I loves it

More beautiful weather here at Okahu .. This was taken with my P&S. So very handy!

And this is why we are known as the CITY OF SAILS HAHA. Another compact shot.

An early morning shot around 7:30am. You can see a tiny bit of sunlight on the side of the skytower as the sun rises. I just love the crescent moon!

And just to finish off a shot of me at One Tree Hill. BLUE SKY WOOO! I dyed my hair back to dark brown... you like?

The weekend is here!! Have an awesome one guys!

Dylan's Baby pix

So my friend and workmate Rachele asked me if I could take some photo's of her 2nd born: Dylan, and I was like... yeah of course!! haha. but then I thought, oh damn., what if I can't actually do a good enough job :/ I've never really taken pictures of babies before and I was like., shivers what if he is to wriggly and doesn't want to sit still, or what if he just starts crying... :/ :/ :/ . Panic set in haha. But I thought., no I can do this!! LOL..

Well., it turned out to be ok. I was a lil nervous as I didn't want to let Rachele down but I just did my best and I think the results turned out ok!! It has pushed me to think about getting a faster lens though. Next one will probably be a 50mm, but might have to wait another month or so as I've been spending way too much money lately !! But anyway that's another story.

Anyway here are my favourites. She wanted these pictures to use as an invite for Dylan's christening. I think they are pretty good for my first real go! Hope you enjoy. To get the black background on some of them., I just asked Rachele's husband to hold a black sheet behind.. hahaha.. cool ay. lol.

have a great week!

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