Day at the Museum

So last weekend gone was Labour Weekend. Its great to have an extra day to just relax from the week. It just so happened that it was this weekend that Doug was taking me on my special monthly date! YAY lol. It was very enjoyable. It may not seem that exciting to you but I actually like going to the Museum and its been a long time since I've actually been inside the Museum at Auckland's Domain. I took the opportunity to test out my camera with indoor shots. I love this camera! Extremely fast and the battery life seems to be lasting extremely well.

Still doing my photography course but have been lazy lately. A friend of mine who is a photographer said she would also show me a few things some time which was so kind! I must take her up on her offer. If you are interested her website is here. Her work is awesome.

Anyway here are a few of my favourite pictures that I took there at the museum, but would you believe my bag was stolen while I was in the Museum. The nerve of some people!! I suppose I was asking for it leaving it in the front seat of my car. I just thought it would be alright but no. You cannot trust your things anywhere these days. Its sad. So all this week I've been replacing the things that were stolen from my wallet. So annoying but you just have to deal with these things. I'm just glad my camera's weren't in there! I would cry if they were taken.

Gosh I'm rambling on . Check out my favourite flicks:

Flowers from the sensory garden (I think that's what its called)

Dose of Maori Culture

Don't ya just love marine life! The colours :-)

Pretending to be a statue..isn't it obvious?

A solemn moment

Ok, I wasn't going to put this picture on but Doug insisted. He thinks its funny [sigh] lol. So here it is. Spot the odd one out! haha

Learning mode

So someone told me that there hasn't been new content on my blog. Oh ok., I didn't realise I had an audience. LOL! Ok so I better get my A into G and actually update this thing. I would like to change the layout of my blog. That will be on my list of things to do.

At the moment I'm doing an online photography course which I'm loving because you don't have any deadlines. You can work as fast or as slow as you want so it doesn't get in the way of your other commitments. Like my day job for example. haha. But its quite informative so far. I have printed out my lessons and am up to the 5th one I think? But I love it. I love learning about it.

I've been practising with my new toy as well. Boy its fast. Beautiful. Went out to the Brentwood Ave Church camp out at Peter Snell Camp in Whangaparoa. Its so nice out there. I looked out into the bay and then it dawned on me... I've been here before! Balmoral SDA school camp! WOW., the memories that came flooding back. Its a little different than I remember. The waterslide is still there.

Anyway here's a few pictures I took today. The light was not ideal, but you have to deal with it yeah.

Girls hanging out

My little cousin Herbie

Dad & Daughter

Doug on the swing

Stairs up to camp


So I've finally made my decision on what camera I want to buy :-) YAY. Its been a hard decision. I really like the look and feel of the Nikon, BUT like a good little accountant I am price took priority. So I'm getting the 50D. So I'm joining the canon bandwagon. I wish I could afford another lens but not right now. There goes all my savings! HAHA. But I am totally happy and totally excited. I've been saving up for like a whole year :D

I went to the shop to get it on Sunday but they didn't have any in stock :\. Oh well. So I just have to wait untill thursday.

But wait there's more. I couldn't help myself but to throw in a compact camera as well (IXUS 100). Oh why not! haha. Look at it - beautiful. LOVE THE COLOUR. I miss the compact that I had before and stupid me I sold it. I find its so handy to keep a compact in your bag for those moments where you are just itching to take a picture but your SLR is safe at home. argh. Ever felt like that? Or is it just me :p? But this camera is gorgeous. Knowing me there will be scratches on it soon enough lol.

I love getting new toys. I can't wait to get them and try them out. :D:D

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