Summer & Holidays

WOW I haven't written a post in AGES!! wow.  I've been too busy holidaying my bad!! haha.  Hope you are all having a wonderful holidays season.  Summer is again upon us but I do wish we had a bit more sunshine!!  Can't complain I suppose it is lovely and warm just a tad muggy :S 

BUT anyhoos.. Thought I'd post a few fav pix from my holidays.  I went to on a little shopping trip to Melbourne and just went a tad bit crazy on the shopping LOL.  I have since paid off my credit card and I am sooo proud of myself LMAO.  I thought I was gonna have to get a personal loan there for a min but I was all good... :D

yeah like I said.. I went a little crazy haha i love this massive shopping bag!! Bridge road all the way =) (Bridge road is a famous road in Melbourne known for outlet stores)

Being a tourist means its acceptable to take pictures of anything and everything haha.  I generally take pix of things I find interesting that we don't normally see back at home.  Loved the wall art down town and also inside the casino they had that fabulous sparkly roof.  it was amazing.  Couldn't really capture how cool it was in a picture but I tried =)

It was great to catch up with my old friend Korina too who lives in Melbourne.. Everytime I go visit her I'm always like I need to move here ha ha.. i love melbourne.. =) Shopping is insane =)

Till next post =) which hopefully won't be 2 months away ha ha.. Happy holidays all!

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