Photowalk #18 - Rotorua

So we had our photoclub photowalk last week in Rotorua and it was sooo much fun! We all went down just for the day and visited 3 sites down there.  Wow it was soooo much fun to finally go on a roadtrip.  I just love roadtrips and going down with friends makes it 10x MORE fun.  I definately wouldn't have had such a great time if I wasn't down there with my photog mates :)  I really enjoyed the redwood forest, boy those trees are huuuuge!! It was a damn shame I didn't have a lens with me that could shoot wide angle.. but I made do anyways ;) here's a shot I took just stitching the pix together :) If you are wanting to do the same, just make sure you are shooting manual so your settings don't change from picture to picture ;) I just use photoshop to stitch it together.. its really easy using photomerge. Click on the photo to see it a little larger ;)

I loved Hangarua Spring too.  It's just amazing!! The water of the spring remains sooo clear because it's contantly releasing so much water the dirt just doesn't get a chance to settle. It pumps out approx 4.5 million litres of water every hour.. amazing right?? Here's Doug looking down on it haha >>

On the way from this 2nd location to the 3rd, Steph (our leader person :) ) stopped her car and we were like huh is something wrong?? nah she just wanted to stop and take pix of the railway hehe. Which was cool with us :) I took some funny pix of Doug at this spot.. it still cracks me up :D

This is why I love him, he constantly makes me smile. <3

And just to make the post complete, here's a few shots from the 3rd location.  All locations were free how choice is that? :P I especially liked the larger mud pool.. there was heaps of steam there.. made some nice shots :) 

Doug again with his craziness lol

Till next time, happy weekend guys! :D

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