Getting sharp / in focus photos

It's been a long time (long time)
I shouldn'a left you (left you)
Without a dope beat to step to (step to)

LOL yes..... its been a loooong time since I've blogged.. anyhoo I do really want to blog more but I've been so busy lately with Xmas coming up, shooting a friends wedding and another's engagement its just been so crazy! leaving for Sydney next friday and am SOOOOOO looking forward to some good quality R&R. Not sure if that will be possible with my friend Rata haha.

Anyway I came across this video about getting sharp images.. some of it I already knew but I just thought it was soooo helpful and wanted to share with all of you! It's in simple, plain english so if you are familiar with most photography terminology you will find it easy to understand. I just thought it was great to get tips like these which are really hard to figure out yourself starting out in photography.  So here you go. Watch and learn like I did! =)

How to get sharp images (My top 10) from James Beltz on Vimeo.

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