Photowalk #9 - Eden Garden

Yes I've been a bit AWOL of late.  :S  But anyway I'm back again YAY lol.  Alot of stuff has been going on with me and so this blog has kinda been put on the back burner.  Sorry about that!

So I was naughty and didn't go on the 8th photowalk in Rotorua.  The guys had a great time down there even though it was a little bit wet it didn't stop them! Good on them.  I think I was feeling just a tad bit lazy that day :S my bad... we all have our days right?!

So I was greatly looking forward to this one.  And seeing as this post is so late..  I'll make it quick with just a few of my favs.  Hope you enjoy the pics that follow from our 9th photowalk (can you believe it?!) at Eden Gardens :)

My friend Terence doin his thang:

Pretty Autumn leaves! :

Joy looking so cute in her hat! :

My favourite Tree in the whole garden:

Pretty white flowers :

Lots of joy was found :) :

Terence getting started even before we got inside! hehe:


Short post this time.. next photowalk is coming up soon yay! I missed the previous one :S :S just so much stuff going on I have been too busy *cry*   I couldn't make the 10th one because I was doing a skydive!! that was sooo awesome.... :D  Might do a seperate post on that :D

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