Looking for a new camera - DSLR NIkon or Canon

Ok so this is my first blog on blogspot! Coool. Guess I was inspired by a few photographers out there who have blogs and I thought to add my own. I've been looking to purchase a new camera DSLR. I can't wait. I just have to decide so if anyone out there has any thoughts please do share them with me. I started off wanting a Nikon D90. I can afford it now., but I've been tossing and turning on either to go with Nikon or Canon. I do like the look and feel of Nikon's but I feel I really want a good camera that will last me a couple of years at least. I want something semi professional as I really want to get into photography.

I just love photography. I think my photo's are good, but I need better equipment. :-) So its I've been looking at the Nikon D90, Canon 50D and the Nikon D300. At the moment I can't afford the D300 but I really like it. I like the look of the Nikon's more I'm not sure why. I know Canon is faster, but I don't think I'm looking for speed, but more for quality. Not that Nikon's DSLR's are slow! I'm still not sure., I know both Canon and Nikon have great reputations.

ANYWAY., I think I am rambling on!

The weekend was pretty cool., I got to take a few pix with some friends at lunch at my mums and down at Piha beach on NZ's west coast. I don't really like going to this beach., its lovely and rugged but the problem is I always get sick on the way. Its incredibly windy to get there but I drove so that solved that problem. Just thought I'd post a couple of my favourite pictures from the weekend:

1) Ha ha ha., this is Doug my bf and me. We love the camera lol.

2) Doug and Liki
3) Walking down to the beach. I just love the backdrop of this pic. Rugged.
4) This is Miteora., so cute! With my mum playing with Gordy my little sister's pet rabbit.

The weekend is my favourite time to shoot. I just can't wait till I actually have a camera that can keep up with me :-) But good things come to those who wait ;-)


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