So I've finally made my decision on what camera I want to buy :-) YAY. Its been a hard decision. I really like the look and feel of the Nikon, BUT like a good little accountant I am price took priority. So I'm getting the 50D. So I'm joining the canon bandwagon. I wish I could afford another lens but not right now. There goes all my savings! HAHA. But I am totally happy and totally excited. I've been saving up for like a whole year :D

I went to the shop to get it on Sunday but they didn't have any in stock :\. Oh well. So I just have to wait untill thursday.

But wait there's more. I couldn't help myself but to throw in a compact camera as well (IXUS 100). Oh why not! haha. Look at it - beautiful. LOVE THE COLOUR. I miss the compact that I had before and stupid me I sold it. I find its so handy to keep a compact in your bag for those moments where you are just itching to take a picture but your SLR is safe at home. argh. Ever felt like that? Or is it just me :p? But this camera is gorgeous. Knowing me there will be scratches on it soon enough lol.

I love getting new toys. I can't wait to get them and try them out. :D:D


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