Summer walkabouts

So January...what have I been doing in January. WELL glad you asked LOL. Actually I've been doing alot of walking! I love summertime and the longer days (I may have mentioned this before). And I love being able to walk around town where I live at 8:30 at night and still feel safe because its still light. I love walking around the viaduct and dreaming about living in those waterfront apartments haha. Walking around the neighbourhood feeling like I'm rich but NOT REALLY LOL.

Oh and I finally gave way to the twitter sensation. Gosh I thought it was boring before but now I'm hooked. Its amazing how addictive these things can become. I actually follow some peeps off youtube. Its so funny some of the random things that come through.

Anyhoo , since I have been doing alot of walking around town , I've been taking some snaps now and then as I go. ( I take my compact for convenience). Although the quality isn't there is just so much easier. I've picked a few of my favs and hope you enjoy ;-) It kind of reminds me of that movie "Yes Man" with Jim Carrey - funny movie. There is a girl in that movie that goes for early morning runs and takes photos while running lol (Blurry ones). So if you see me running along the street with my trusty compact just wave a friendly hello haha.

Halo effect

Hmmm should I take my umbrella? Naaa She'll be right. LOL

How appropriate for me to find a boat called the long white cloud ;-) We definately are a cloudy country. But I love clouds, and I love the dynamic elements they often add to a photo.

The thick cloud cover definately adds something special to this pic reflecting the sunset light.
I like how the light shines around the LV letters on this building. Hey like I always say, dreams are free. Unfotunately LV is not. Has anyone ever been inside that shop? I've been twice now, has the feeling of a museum haha. And I love how the doorman opens the door to customers. You can feel rich even though you aint. LOL.

The quality of light is very important when you go out shooting. I just love the intense sunset light on the tower in this shot.
Hope you enjoyed that short snipit of a recent walkabout I did. Try it yourself, not only are you getting some exercise into your day, you are also having fun. Well I was!

ciao for now.


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