My new photography peeps

So if you have been following my photo uploads you may know that I now belong to a new mini photography club. (LOL inside joke!). Actually I just got together with a few friends from North Harbour church (who also are photography enthusiasts). It was so much fun that we have decided to try and get together again and hopefully make it a regular thing! But it was so cool. Its really cool to be around people who actually know alot more than you do about photography, its a great chance for me to learn and get inspired :-) Steph, who actually does this for a living was so kind, that she even let us try her lenses, even her super zoom lens :-) which was totally awesome :-) Scary though being so expensive! Around 3k she said....:O {shock} But it was so fun.

I just read another article about inspiration from DPS, a great learning website for photographers. If you are interested I recommend it! click
here :-)

I realise that I am a bit slack with my photography. Having a look at Steph and Joy's photos from the same day and location, I am so impressed. I did expect this from Steph being profesh :P But also really loved Joy's photo's. I think I am a bit blase when it comes to photography sometimes. Or maybe I was a bit shy this being my first outing with these guys that I didn't want to do my usual roll and tumble and crouch to get that shot lol. (Cause its even more FAIL when you go hardout then they say can I have a look at your shot, well SUX LOL). But yeah, I really want to try and be more purposeful with my shots next time. I think this time I was a bit laid back and as a result I didn't get alot of shots that I was totally proud of. Hense I did not upload them all. Too shame. LOL.

But its such a nice feeling when you see the "like" from your friends on FB. Its like oh really you like that one??? LOL. Its funny because sometimes you think that photo was "ok" but others actually like it. Perfect example is my shot of the sky tower below: I thought it was , yeah ok but I got like alot more comments than I was expecting! (taken with a compact btw)

By the way, FAIL is my new buzz word LOL. It really was appropriate for the sunset on our photowalk in the fact that there wasn't any! How come that the one day we go out to the west, the sunset doesn't show! And I know for a fact that most nights we have been having amazing sunsets...SIGH. I probably should have made the horizon straight on this one but I think I was too focussed on getting that wave crashing. So I will be looking out for that next time.

Anyway hopefully our next outing will be more successful. I have to choose the location. My favourites are, domain/winter garden, north head, cornwall. If you have any suggestions please leave a comment :-)

Ok sorry for the delay on this post. I have been super busy with month end at work. But its better late than never right :-) Below are some of my photos from our photowalk out at Karekare. I might post some of the others photo's at a later time if they give me the "ok". Steph took a few pix of me and Joy with our camera's and I like got my frills LOL. I was like wow you made us look cool LOL.

Beach grass

I love this fluffy grass so much. We still don't know what its called. So for now its known as fluffy grass :-)

wild lilys
Another wild flower

Karekare falls (first time being here !)

Its funny how most of my favourites are when I was using Steph's lens...hahaha. The bomb. Still doesn't compare to her photo's yet. They are cool!! You can view the rest of my photo's here.

My next assignment is a touch final game next wednesday. Was asked by Jacob to come and take some snaps. So cool! My first lil assignment haha.
So watch this space next week: I will be updating it with my favs from the game.


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