Random fireworks... I'll have some of that!

So I was sitting in my living room eating dinner when I heard fireworks. I turned to my right and there they were. Not the pitiful ones you get from the warehouse but the proper professional type!! Talk about midweek excitement! (ok so it was monday).

So frantically I put down my fork and ran to the bedroom, trying not to bump into anything in the process. Rushed back with my bendy tripod and camera meanwhile I had no idea why there were fireworks or how long they were going to last. Its was almost torture seeing the beautiful fireworks and knowing there was a possibility that by the time I had my camera set up it would all be gone....noooooo. And no one would believe me if I don't get a picture right?!!! LOL.

I finally did get some pictures., some were crap and blurry so I had fun being arty with them in photoshop. Does anyone know what they were for?

2 days till the weekend people wooo :-)


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