White teeth the easy way!

I just wanted to do a quick post to share a picture from my sister's birthday party on Tuesday gone. I was pretty lazy with my photography on this night as it was a week night and I was hella tired from work. But I noticed that curtains make great backdrops... right?!

I also did a little fiddling around in photoshop to reduce saturation just a tad and reduce the redness overall - haha my sister always has very pink cheeks!! I also whitened up the teeth a little on my Mum :-) I like to do this sometimes because I think it really makes a person look younger! (My mum looks pretty young for her age anyway don't you reckon?! Sorry I'm not going to reveal her age here :P) I didn't do too much editing as my mum didn't really need it. Its all about trying to keep the photo natural but enhancing it at the same time.

To lighten up the teeth slightly I reduced the yellow tones and lightened it. To do this I made a selection around the teeth using the magnetic lasso tool. Once I have my selection I created a new layer by going layer > new layer via cut. The next step is to go to Enhance > Adjust colour > Adjust Hue/Saturation. I then change the drop down menu from Master to Yellow, then use the sliders to reduce saturation and increase lightness. You can do the same thing to reduce redness or overall saturation to you liking.

I don't usually edit each individual photo like this in photoshop, I normally use iphoto. But I do like to fiddle with family photo's to make then a bit more special . It's not everyday that we get together as a family, so its nice to have a few memorable shots. And because I was only using my compact camera, it did need a bit of sprucing up!

Hope you all have had a great week!! Another blog post is in the pipeline so watch this space :o)


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