Photowalk #5a - Bethells Beach!

HAHA., so last sunday was our 5th photowalk for our club. And we actually had 15 people come along this time! The only thing was, I got lost haha. There is no mobile phone reception out at Bethells beach and silly me, I thought i would be able to find everyone. But no... lol. I was there on time but I eventually gave up on finding everyone as I didn't know what everyone's car looked like and started driving back home. I got to Swanson and realised I had 2 txts from Joy. I pulled over and called her and she told me she was waiting near falls road. So off I sped, back west.

SO YAY., at least I found Joy, Kenneth & Fatma. But alas , we headed off in the wrong direction and did a different bush walk that was actually planned. BIG FAT FAIL lol. ha ha ha. But hey., we still got to see some very awesome landscape. So because this wasn't the "official" photowalk I named it #5a. LOL.

Joy doing her thang

I merged two photos in photoshop to get the photo below. Otherwise , due to the harsh light, you wouldn't be able to see the lovely green of the forest below us. It would just be black like the one above.

I was lazy and just did an automatic enhance on this photo in photoshop. I don't usually like using this as it can sometimes give some obvious fake results, but I liked how it looked and so kept it :-)

Ok this is probably my favourite pic of the bunch. I just love the mist against the strong rock face in the distance. The relatively small people in the photo also just remind you of how rugged and awesome this landscape is!

And like I told Jane, this photo below was actually an exposure accident!! haha. It was totally overexposed. But I kind of liked it when I removed the colour. It becomes mostly white except for the surfer (my subject).

Oh how I just adore reflections!! This photo basically speaks for itself. However, I would have preferred to have the surfer on the right hand third instead of the left, but I was too slow., what can you do lol.

And we found a sea cave turned sea arch! Awesome. I was a bit scared about walking through here., there was a bit of dripping going on., but I made it out the other side untouched lol.

Enjoying someone artwork someone left behind.

Last fav of the day. I like the light in this picture.

And., Tip of the week: Make sure you check your settings regularly! Alot of my photos have visable noise on them. Darn me for forgetting to bring my ISO back to normal from a previous shoot. Its something you can easily forget.

Have an awesome rest of the week peeps! Only 2 more days till the long weekend!! I hope the weather is good and that we can all get a chance to get out there and get shooting. :-)


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