New Year - New Direction

So I have really been waaaay too slack on this blog!!!  I want to try and make this blog a little more personal this year and maybe just get back to what I really love and that's capturing and sharing memories. I don't know, I think I tried to be all formal with this but hey I don't know if that's me.. haha so I might take this lil blog of mine in a new direction this year. Gonna work on a new layout when I get the chance and start posting more! Maybe more often but not as loooong. :P

I just got back from the warehouse tonight after buying yet another photo album. I just love filling it with all my favourite photos taken over the months. And as I do this, I just happen to glance over old ones. There's just something about having something tactile to hold and look at. Memories in a book - I LOVE IT!!  "oh remember that time?" "oh look how young we look!!"

Anyway here are a few memories from New Years 2011 that I've filed carefully away.. The fireworks were just amazing this year (click here to compare with last year!).. I think that it sets the tone for what's to come in 2011.. onwards and upwards NZ =)

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