Waitangi Weekend =)

Such a beautiful weekend here in NZ! It's Waitangi weekend but unfortunately we don't get a holiday this year due to the day falling on a Sunday. Darn it! But it was a beautiful sunny day here in Auckland and I was just grateful to get out and about without worrying about the rain! 

Doug and I decided to take a lil ride around the bays this morning and it was soo picturesque.  We went in the morning to try and avoid the midday heat - which we did.  I was glad coz all afternoon it was incredibly  muggy.  Reports suggested around 80% :S

Anyway I got this software a few months back that enhances your photos and I bought it because I don't have a full version of photoshop yet and just wanted to experiment with post processing in a different program.  It's quite fun but the adjustments can seem a little too "fake" for my liking but it is quite fun to see what you can do with it.  You can adjust the sliders to reduce how fake or realistic you want a photo too look so I tend to not just use the preset, but tweak it.    

It works with iPhoto also which makes it really easy and fast.  (I like)  The program is called Adjust by TopazLabs.  The reason I couldn't use it for a couple of months was because it kept crashing on me.  So I emailed the support crew at Topaz Labs and they gave me a different version to download which seemed to fix the problem which I was really happy with =)  I only use a couple of the functions on it so I don't know if I would recommend anyone to go out and purchase it.  But if you do like to enhance your photos alot or like to make your photos look like paintings, there are a few options you might enjoy.  

Anyway here are a few photos I've been taking this weekend.. really been enjoying the sunshine and I think I got a lil tan!! wow go Kirsten haha (whitey).  I did use the program on all of these to give them a lil pop.   By the way these are all taken on my compact =)

Have a happy week!

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