Too many options!

So Doug said he could get me a panasonic G1 SLR from his brothers work. Argh., just when I thought I had decided on something he throws a spanner in the works lol. From what I read its a pretty good camera. The thing that would make me buy it is its much smaller and lighter than the Nikon's I've been looking at. I'm still drawn to Nikon. I don't know why but from what I've read, they have fantastic lenses and communicate well with their flashes. So I'm still leaning that way. I'm looking for something fast, and good with night photography.

So now the hardpart. Trying to decide on a lens! It's pretty clear that I love landscape photography, but I also want a lens that will be good with portraits and night photography as well. I'll probably start off with an 18-200mm VR lens. But I love the look of the 35mm & 55mm lenses.

Research will continue...comments are welcome.

What I do want to say before I end this post is, that no matter what camera you buy., its not the camera that is going to make great photographs, its the person behind it. I've seen this theme come through in alot of the articles I read.

Here are some photos of the camera's I've been looking at..boy its something about big lenses huh. They look hot. And please get your mind out of the gutter, this is totally innocent speak. Look at the 17-85mm lens..just beautiful.

Nikon D300S (new model which is very similar to the D300)
Canon 50D
Panasonic G1 (cute and little! but not as fast)


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