Adding sunflares

I started writing this blog post ages ago but never got around to writing it up! Life gets so busy sometimes doesn't it! Anyway I have finally sat down to do it so here it is!

I wanted to write about this lil trick I came across in Photoshop elements because well its just cool ok!  Sometimes its not appropriate but it can really add something special to a shot when used correctly.  See below a picture I took of a forest up at Orewa (Alice Eaves Scenic Reserve).  I was trying to get a nice sun flare by including the sun in my shot and hiding it with the tree in the foreground.  I'm still perfecting this skill and I know that it also depends on the lens that you have but I still got a pretty cool flare there.  But by using photoshop you can REALLY up the ante with your flare.

All you need to do is go to Filter > Render > Lens Flare (see below for the menus).  FYI I'm using Photoshop Elements V4.  yeah yeah  I know I need an upgrade ha ha ha.  It still works for me for now!

Now there's all sorts of different flares that you can add to your picture.  What I like to do is to try a few out and see which one looks the best (and or the most natural if that is what you are going for).  All you have to do is point the Flare centre to the source of the light by using your mouse.  Its very easy!   For this photo I decided to use the 50-300mm Zoom flare.   I like the obvious circle it makes! pwetty :-)

Then just click ok!  Simple!  

And here is the final shot:

Hope you like! Try it out its fun!

Have a great weekend all! xo


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