Our Drykey

Hey guys.,

Just wanted to do another quick post to share my latest and favouritest (ok not a word but I wanted it to rhyme lol) pictures of Dryke. He's grown so much in the time that we've had him and I just love him to bits. His personality has really developed and he just adores both Doug and I. He always pushes his luck with us but he's just so loyal, constantly happy and its just so hard to stay mad at him even when he is naughty!! I love these photos of him at the beach because I feel his personality just really shines through. He loves it at the beach., digging here and there and running around in a crazy fashion.. its fun to watch ;-)

Oh by the way., have no idea what beach this is ay. I couldn't find the name of it., but its around Hellensville way (West Auckland).

Oh isn't he so cute! hehe. Honestly you might think he looks scary but he's such a sweetheart xo

In terms of my photography., I've really been pushing myself lately to use manual (most of the time I'm lazy and just use Aperture priority mode :P). It can be difficult at times and sometimes not appropriate, but I find it much better having control over both shutter speed and aperture to get the exposure that I want. Especially if I want to over expose it slightly to blow out the background as in the below photo. (This is Dryke's ball hehe)

I tend to focus on the shutter speed these days., just because I want my shutter speed to be fairly fast most of the time to make sure my photo's come out sharp and not blurry. If I just can't get my aperture low enough , I just bump up the ISO slightly and it tends to work! :P Also with a fiddly subject like Dryke who is constantly moving, I need a fairly fast shutter speed to freeze the motion. Photography is an art., sometimes it takes a bit of trial an error to get the shot you want. Anyway that's what I've been experimenting with lately!

Happy Weekend All!

PS: sorry I don't know why my comments function isn't working. ARGH! I'm working on getting that fixed! If someone has an idea why it might not be working, please do send me a message.  (I've now added a contact me tab :P)


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