New Phone! wooooo

Ok., so I haven't splashed out on a blackberry or an iphone or anything.. But I love my new phone! Yes its pink :P  But the reason I really love this baby is the 5MP camera.... Yeah so its not that HUGE but hey its a phone for crying out loud!

mmmm shiny LOL

I took some shots with it last friday at work and with the niece and nephew on the weekend and I was just so incredibly impressed by the size and quality of the photos.  Crisp, vibrant colour and even when I cropped, the detail is still there.  Top marks from me :-)

Swan chicks!! awww cuties

And to top it off.. the price was fantastic :-) I got it from 3deals for less than half its RRP (about $230 incl shipping I think it was).  WOOO nice one :-)

Here is my old phone, which I still love by the way.  I'm handing it over to my mum to use.  (mm yes look at those scratches LOL - I'm so clumsy, multiple drops onto concrete :P still works! *WIN*)

It's still good , plays up sometimes on the keypad but not often.  Still a decent phone. My mum still owns one of those very old nokias haha.. with the green screen. WOW lol :P  I think its a Nokia 1100

So yeah... all in all I'm very happy with the purchase.  Doug also bought one in silver but he's having problems with the phone accepting his sim.  Still working with 3deals to get this sorted. ITs very annoying!

Last pic with my camera phone.  Me pulling funny faces haha.  It has a flash on it too, which I don't recommend you look straight into because its like looking straight into the sun - it will literally BLIND you O_o

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I missed out on my clubs photowalk this month :(.  I decided not to go with them to Rotorua.. it was just too risky (in terms of the weather) for my liking.  But heard they had a fab time anyways!  Can't wait to see everyones photos :-)

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