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Ok, I just want to say I am obsessed with Jasmine Star atm! I know it sounds creepy but omg I looooove her work =)  And even more than that I love the way that she does business.  She's all about the Jasmine Star experience.  How friken cool is that? haha.  And even though she's wildly successful, she still responds to those who email her.   I know , because she responded to me.  ^_^ :O!  I enquired about how much she charges (wondering if I could ever be able to afford her for my wedding :P)  I really appreciated her getting back to me, and unlike alot of other photographers I've enquired with, she was pretty up front with her prices which I thought was cool.  Too bad though its Waaaaay outta my budget but if I did have the money, this is the chick I would choose to shoot my wedding.  She's amazing you must check her out.  Here's her website.

You probably already guessed - but if you didn't know, Jasmine Star is a well known wedding photographer from Orange County, California.  She has an amazing blog, which I have been glued to this week.  She takes her inspiration for her work from magazines and fashion.  Could I love her anymore? Don't think so!! Everytime I read her posts or browse her photos I'm like, this is soooo me.  I'm sure we would be best buds if we ever met.

If I ever could become a professional, I think I would like to be like her.  I love her style.  It's very crisp and she mentions she's a big fan of prime lenses to help her achieve this.  That's it, now I gotta go out and get one ha ha.  Sigh.  *dreams*

She's also very generous with the knowledge she's gained over the years from growing her business into what it is today.  I have already learned so much from her blog and also from a recent online streaming of a workshop she held on  I could not leave my computer, I was so glued to the screen   - I just wanted to grasp each little tip and trick as she openly shared for free.  I couldn't believe it!

After watching that creativelive broadcast I just felt so motivated! I've been asked to shoot a couple of weddings for friends and I thought yusss, now I'm gonna channel my inner Jasmine Star WOOP haha.  But as much as I love her work, I love what she said in the live stream and that was to be the best version of you.   Something that she said really hit home to me and that was that if you try to be the best at this type of photography or that type of photography, its extremely likely that there will always be that someone who is better.  But if you go out there and rock "you" and your own "unique" style, no one can duplicate that.  Wow, light bulb.   Why am I always so nervous thinking this person or that person is SO much better.  All I should worry about is myself and my own growth :) I am on a journey to find my own unique style :) And I'm so inspired I just want to get out and practise!!

SO, if you know anyone that's engaged, let me know if you want to volunteer to be my models so I can "practise"!    Linda and Tua, you're first on the list LOL.  :) Hit me up if you would like a free engagement session ^_^ Don't be shy! It'll be fun. :D

OH, and if anyone has suggestions for photographers in NZ that have reasonable prices please let me know =) I'm still on the lookout for our wedding photographer for next year.

AND, cause this has been alot more writing than I expected when I started this post :/.. here's some photos to spruce up the page.  They were only taken with my point and shoot but I still love it for the versatility.  And if you're wondering how I took em, I simply attached it to the car window with my joby gorillapod and used the "party" setting with a 10sec timer.  Oh how I must look strange to passers by, but that has never bothered me :P  As long as I get my shot *cheesy smile*

For as long as I can remember, this has been my favourite thing to do, spend time with those I love and take photos! xo

Oh and this photo was taken by putting the tripod on the ground ha ha ha. But I like the angle in this one :)  Sorry bout it Doug.  xx lol yesss this is my handsome fiance :D well done babe well done :D

Stay cool guys :D

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