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If you're on my twitter you would have already seen this picture as my avatar =). Haha and I know it's photoshopped to the max.. but hey lol.  Sometimes I like to live out my dreams on the internet lmao ummm ok awkward lol!.  I just love the light I get from our apartment windows.. creates pretty catch lights!!

It's a killer week at work this week for me with year end... :S  just gotta suck it in and get it done!! 
But to get me through the week I am looking forward to hanging out with Linda and Tua this weekend (old school mates).  They too are engaged and we are all gonna go and check out the Grand Wedding show at Sky City on Sunday.  My first one so will see how it goes! Hopefully will get some good info and maybe even some deals to mull over =)

Have a happy week all , whatever you may be doing! xx

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