On top of the World

WOW., what a day.  Just finished watching the Royal Wedding in London and I really didn't think I would get all caught up in the hype but I totally did!!!   Just watching all the programs before hand re-telling of Royal weddings in the past and the history behind all the buildings etc etc, wow it was just awe-inspiring.  Now more than ever I am looking forward to Doug and my wedding Day ! So exciting !! The dress was simply amazing.  It was traditional but I think Kate pulled it off brilliantly.  She looked amazing and she had the amazing body to do it.  Her sister was a knock out as well.  Kate just looked stunningly natural and beautiful.

The whole thing was just amazing, the venue, and I especially loved the trees lining the red carpet in Westminster Abbey. That was amazing, the bright fresh green contrasting with the red carpet made for some amazing video shots.

Anyway this is another short post because I totally can't sleep because I'm still buzzing over it all! I also thought it was super cute how Will and Kate kissed twice on the balcony at Buckingham Palace.  I totally missed the first one anyways haha it was too quick.  And then another one!! Just shows how in love they truely are.. Real love.  <3 aww warm fuzzies all round ... 

oh ok, so this photo totally doesn't relate.  hmm what can i say to make it relate lol.  I suppose these people are having a blast feeling on top of the world just like Will and Kate felt today.  The look on their faces was pure happiness.  Wishing them all of God's blessings in their marriage.  :) 

I can't wait till I get to have my turn to be on top of the world :D

Oh and please, if you haven't already, don't forgot to vote on my photo here.  The instructions are on the description of the photo.  Doug and I are in a competition to win a photographer for our wedding.  We are still in the lead!! Thank you so much to everyone who has voted and are continuing to spread the word for us.  It means so much to us!! 

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