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Time for an update! I think I'm going to try and update this now at least every week. So my challenge is to come up with new content every week! Even if its flashbacks from the past I think it will be cool.

Exciting times these next few months. Summer is coming!!! I LOVE SUMMER. And with summer hopefully comes less rain which hopefully means more time spent outdoors, with more opportunity to shoot. It shouldn't really be an excuse when the rain is out though - I've seen some amazing pictures done when the weather is grey or raining. I'm just a bit scared to take my camera out in the rain just yet!!

I'm thinking to start doing some walkabouts with my camera. Just me and my camera so if you see me around town, give me a friendly smile and a wave haha. Its getting boring taking pix from my apartment although I still LOVE the view. I need something new. My black and white assignment is coming up and I think it might be cool to find some nice old building for that one.. Hopefully one with detail. I've been meaning to go down to the DFS building and take a pic of that at night. I've just been so so busy lately. Its great!! Being busy makes those weeks go by all the faster, which brings my holidays closer wooop.

ok enough of my blabber . I did a small series of pictures one afternoon from my apartment for my composition assignment. Hope they are good enough. I'm still trying to get the hang of my manual settings to make the most of the sunset light. I think I did ok?

Zoomed in on the skytower. Its out of it, when I looked at the picture full size it looked like one of the people sitting in the restaurant was looking back at me!! hahahaha Paparazzi!!

I also kind of like this one of the skytower. I know its crooked this was intentional. But I like how it really stands out against the background. The light on the tower is from the setting sun, and I love the deep blue from the sky and clouds behind.

I just like the look of the clouds in this one. Although maybe the tower is a little distracting if you didn't realise what it was. Still I like it. If you don't, oh well too bad lol.

I was taking pictures in between cooking and doing my washing how funny. Came back to the balcony every 30 min or so as the light got dimmer. I love the colour of the sky at dusk. Beautiful.

Wow I finally found the bulb setting on my camera haha. AWESOME. I know I'm a noob but I never had this feature on my older camera. As long as you hold down the shutter button it will leave the shutter open for as long as its held down. And this means super long exposures for night photography. I was getting my frills getting the light trails from the cars. I totally have to try this effect on the ground instead of up at the apartment.

I am yet to really make the most of my flickr account. I think I should upload some of these. I know its not the new year yet, but all my landscape shots have made me think that one of my goals next year will be to save and get a really cool wide angle lens. Apparently they are the most difficult lenses to learn how to use but I think I am up for the challenge. Always learning always progressing :-)

Till next post!


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