Weekend shooting, assignments & Dryke

I just looked at all my old posts since I started this little blog and I just realised I have started all bar one of my posts with "So...". LOL. So I need some practise already, oops there I go again lol.

Its been a bit stressful around my place with my flatmates leaving to go back to China. It was a bit of a surprise to me, but its ok. I have finally managed to find a new flatmate. And its pretty cool because my uncle got me in touch with her saying she needs a room. She's from Japan but her english is pretty good. She has studied here in NZ before. I'm happy I have found someone nice and NORMAL. There are some strange people out there.

Anyway the weekend was pretty good. Daniel, Doug's brother was over from Sydney so we had some family time with Doug's niece and nephew. Salome, boy she is such a poser, but she is so funny. She's a real character that one, loud just like her mum haha. But she's great. Cyrus too, he's a real cheeky one as well.

Here are some pictures from the weekend. I finally got around to doing my 4th assignment too for my Proud Photography course. Its actually quite difficult to find the time and get out there and actually read my assignment and do it. But once I set my mind on it, it actually wasn't that hard at all. The assignment was on Apeture and how to control depth of field. I'm actually starting to get the knack of the manual controls too after watching a vid on good ol YouTube. wooooo. lol.

This is Salome holding Dryke - she's so photogenic hey?

Dryke again sleeping - cute!

Talk to the hand..haha

At the start of this blog I have my first photo submission for my Apeture assignment. We had to submit a photo with a large F-stop (i.e. everything should be in focus). The shot that follows is the second submission where you use a small F-stop and your subject should be in focus with the background out of focus giving you a small depth of field. Its pretty cool learning all this stuff. I was familiar with F-stops and shutter speeds before but having this little course is putting things into a nice organised format. Next assignment is on black and white photography and then on to my favourite stuff = travel photography :-)


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