Introducing - Dryke

Doug has finally decided to get his puppy that he has been telling me about forever and ever. Its a big decision because he did have two puppies before - Dre and Daxter which he had to sell both because we were looking to move over to Australia. But that didn't happen, mainly because I got my new job and so we decided now we are staying. I mean I wouldn't mind living in Australia but all my family is here. I love NZ , its beautiful here. I can always hop across and visit. You just can't beat shopping in Melbourne, really!

Dryke is the most beautiful lil puppy. But do not be fooled by his cute exterior! He is a tough lil guy. He's a Staffordshire bullterrior. Very tough and when he grows up he will be very stocky. They are extremely loyal dogs and I guess that's why doug loves them. I'm not really an animal person, but last night I just couldn't help but smile as he curled up on the cushion we have assigned him for sleeping. He's just so cute! But he has this problem of biting recently. So we are working on training him to inhibit his bite. But I think Doug gave him a good whack and now he's much more careful. I think you're not really supposed to hit them though so we try not to do it too often but to discipline in other ways. But he's so cute when he's sleeping. I just like holding him.

But you just can't help but love this little guy. He's just like a little baby, he snores when he sleeps and he can't control his bladder yet. So during the night Doug has to take him outside to do his wees...hahaha so funny. And we've been discussing with each other on the best way to discipline him etc. Haha training for parenthood right. LOL. I love how he's so black and small. So cute...haha

Anyway he arrived last sunday so we had fun taking lots and lots of photos ;-)


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