Trip to Thames & Kids Xmas Carnival 09

I find myself itching to write entries for my blog these days. The warmer weather is really getting me excited and I'm starting to think of more things to shoot, ideas, concepts and locations. As I am still an amateur, I've decided to start with some family shoots. Hopefully I can organise a time to do it as Xmas should be a perfect time to get together for some formal family photo's.

The more I practise, I also find the more I don't know! Some things seem so simple and yet when it comes down to it there are alot of situations which makes taking GOOD photos very challenging. I notice myself being more conscious of the background now as well as different intensities of light. Since getting my new camera I think I've also been a lil obsessed with the Aperture priority mode , more specifically large aperture settings (blurred backgrounds). I think I need to branch out a little! I'll get there :-) I guess I just love the versatility of the blurred background. Its often not possible to get a nice background, so blurring it out is just so darn handy! It also ensures your subject is very much the focus of the shot.

Whilst in Thames for a church visitation, I took a few shots of my sister on the side of the road. Having no obvious appealing backgrounds to choose from I opted for the blurred background effect. It was so funny though, trying to get some natural shots. My sister is so funny , always joking around, and over-the-top obvious posing. It was all in good fun though. And I love her cause she isn't afraid of the camera :-) She had fun taking some photos herself.

Ok so this shot below was kind of inspired by the e-book that I bought from Darren Rowse, editor of Digital Photography School website. You can purchase the book here. So far it has been very helpful and makes me want to do more portraits.

I just added this shot in here because I thought it was so funny lol. Its so obviously posed. Sometimes it just doesn't work haha. But its worth the laugh.

The picture below was actually taken by Doug. I was so impressed I decided to include this in my post as well. I love the composition, the colour and the blurred out background (I told you I'm obsessed with the blurred background :P) And its just so perty :-)

Its also the season of Christmas Parties. Yay. My work puts on a yearly Children's Christmas Carnival. Doug and I took his niece and nephew to it for the first time. I had a fair idea of what it would be like but didn't expect too much. The kids absolutely loved it and had a fantastic time! There was face-painting, a bouncy castle, human fly wall, mini ferris wheel, and a gladiator fighting arena thing. Awesome! I particularly enjoyed watching the ladies doing the face-painting. Talented indeed.

Human fly on the wall

Kids on the Ferris wheel

Don't ask about Cyrus' face paint. Boys will be boys!


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