Well I decided its time to give an update. I didn't really get a chance this weekend to go out shooting as I was so busy with trying to organise my new apartment. Its so cool. Above is the view we get from the apartment. Its not a big place but I love it.

I was sad when my old flatmates left to go home to China. They were such nice people and really good flatmates. But I was so excited when my new flatmate moved in last night :-) She's cool, she's from Japan. And all people from Japan are cool. lol. Hajimemashte. lol. Sorry I can't do the Japanese characters.Its great to have someone else in the apartment because it can get really lonely living on your own.

I had my first visitor last night too. (Apart from Doug). Sunshine came over! Haven't seen him in ages. He used to live with us as a home stay when I was still at Mum's in Milton Rd. So we had dinner and enjoyed the view. It was cool.

For this post I thought I would just post a few pictures of mine that I really love. And I hope you enjoy them too:

I love trees. I like the diversity in this shot. I love the different colours in the wood. This was taken at Cornwall Park - Auckland.

See I told you I love trees haha. This was taken when I was in Fiji last Dec / Jan. Beautiful place but do not recommend going there during these months. Its extremely hot and humid. But I loved it anyway :-)

This photo was taken while I was on the Gold Coast for my family reunion. I just love the colours in this picture. The girl on the left is my little sister and the others are my little cousins - all playing in the surf. I think they got hidings from their mum from getting all wet. LOL. Samoan side.

This picture was also taken at the same beach but up on the headland. I really fell in love with this place while I was there. The weather is perfect around 15-20C (It was winter by the way).
I love this shot with the surfer and Surfers paradise in the background. I actually sent this in for my photography course. My tutor liked it ;-) woop

I really have a thing for panorama's. Until I can get me a wide angle lens, I am going to continue to have my love affair with panorama's. Just feel like its the best thing next to actually being there. This picture was taken at the highest point (or close to it) on Whakapapa. Beautiful day as you can see!!! LOVE IT. In the picture is Tim and Doug my snowboarding peeps.

By the way I got 80% on my aperture assignment YUSS. haha. Onwards and upwards :-) And I just want to do a little shout out to all my little followers..All 5 of them :-) Doug, Jacob, Ashwina & Andre and some random guy LOL. Thankyou for your support and tell all your friends to join :P If you have comments please do share. It makes my day :-) Positive or constructive. Hope you all have a great week!

ps: all these photos were taken with my little s1000Fuji. Good times good memories.


littletiger06 said...

PS sorry about the small sizes. I was doing this at work during lunch ;-) I might try and post the top photo again as it really doesn't do it justice...

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